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Im A Girl . I Get Jealous . I Dont Like When Other Girls Flirt With You . Call You Cute . Call You There Bestfriend . Comment On Your Pictures . Post On Your Wall . Or Try To Get Your Attention . Call Me Crazy But Me Getting Mad At You Is Just Showing I Care Because I Dont Want Another Girl To Come & Take My Place .

I'm sorry.

to my parents:  I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment. I'm sorry I can't make good enough grades. I'm sorry I can't live up to your expectations.
to my friends:  I'm sorry I can't keep a long term friendship with any of you. I'm sorry we lose connection after a while. I'm sorry I never stayed.
to the people at my school:  I'm so sorry I'm weird. I'm sorry I don't fit in. I'm sorry I don't look pretty like all you.
to myself:  I'm sorry I was ever born, I'm sorry I hurt you. I'm sorry if I put you down. I'm sorry I made you miserable.